The history of the Scientific library of Khmelnytskyi national University is linked with the history of the institution. The library became one of the first units established on the technical faculty in September 1962. The fund accounted for 1185 copies. Modern scientific library located in a separate nine-story building. An area of library is 3856 sq.m. There are 8 divisions in the departments and 6 units in the structure of the library. There are a comfortable environment for users. There are 5 reading rooms, 3 subscriptions, special sectors: scientific and technical documentation, foreign language literature, catalog of rooms and electronic information. Library collections include more than 550 thousand documents. Main technological processes are automated in the library, system of virtual user service are created. The local network unites 58 computers, the basis of the automated system – the Ukrainian software product “UFH. Library”. Aivazian Olena, Ph.D. in historical sciences is the Director of library.

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